Fire & Steel Online Slot Rating and reviews

Fire & Steel is one of the slot machines that has been built by the company and is considered to have one of the most spectacular looks. From the very first spin, the game will wow you with its crystal clear visuals and captivating presentation. This slot machine is capable of offering real money rewards up to 138,500 coins and has advantageous both-ways payouts. The jackpot may be won on any sort of device, including a computer or a mobile phone, and it can be triggered at any time during gameplay.

As is to be expected from a slot game developed by Betsoft, Fire & Steel has a number of themed bonuses that have the potential to be triggered during any given play. This slot machine provides players with a variety of additional opportunities to win additional money by including features such as fiery beams that generate new wild symbols, fights that initiate free spins rounds, and a side game of gamble in which players have the opportunity to multiply their winnings by taking a risk.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “Fire & Steel”

Even bettors who are just getting their feet wet in the gambling world may have fun playing this slot machine since there are no complicated rules or strategies to learn in order to play it. You will simply need to alter your stake in order to get started with your session before you push the spin control button. You may accomplish this by using the controls on your left side, one of which allows you to choose the value of your coins, and the other of which allows you to choose the quantity of coins you want to play with on each payline. You may choose a stake that goes from the least of 0.20 credits each spin all the way up to the maximum of 100 credits per spin with only a few clicks of the mouse.

The slot machine provides you with twenty paylines that are always active and may be utilized to collect rewards; however, you will not be able to view any of these prizes until you access the paytable. Up to 15 distinct symbols, some of which also function as bonus symbols, and all of which provide rewards in the form of coins, are responsible for dispensing the payouts. If you play with only one coin on each payline, you may win anywhere from two hundred to five hundred coins for each winning combination; but, if you play with as many as five coins, you could win much larger sums, up to two thousand five hundred. When you play for real money and make use of the both-ways features, which are not included in all slot machines, you will have the opportunity to win twice as many prizes and benefit from a hit rate that is much higher.

It should come as no surprise that Fire & Steel can also be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in addition to being accessible for desktop computers and portable laptops. Because it is built using HTML5, this slot game may be played on almost any mobile device running either Android or iOS. The mobile version of the slot game only displays the ability to spin the reels on the screen. All of the other controls are buried in a menu that can be accessed by tapping the top-left corner of the screen.

Free Spins and Features Based on Fire and Steel

As soon as you press the “Spin” button, the reels will begin to spin, and dramatic music will begin to play. During this time, you will be waiting expectantly for a sequence of three or more symbols that match to appear on a payline so that you may win a reward. When playing the slot machine for real money, the basic symbols will only pay out rewards of up to 1,250 coins for each winning sequence. Better rewards may be gained by getting three wild symbols, each of which has the potential to pay out twice as much. Although any of the three wilds may take the place of any other icon, only two of them can really activate any of the other additional features.

The two exceptional wild symbols have the appearance of paintings of a swordsman and a shield maiden, and they are located adjacent to the reels when the game is being played. As soon as it makes its appearance on the screen, the swordsman lets out a piercing scream and fires a scorching vertical beam that transforms any symbols directly below or directly above it into wild symbols. The shield-maiden performs the exact identical action, with the exception that her beam is horizontal rather than vertical. If both of the symbols show up on the screen at the same moment and their beams intersect, the slot machine will award you a bonus of ten free spins and mark that place on the reels with a sticky wild. During those free spins, the wild will remain in its original location at all times.

The slot machine provides you with a “double-up” side game that you may participate in to increase the amount of bonus cash you win. Only when a payment has been made and while playing the basic game is it possible to launch this game. You may activate the function by pressing the “Double Up” button, and then you can use your profits to place a wager on a coin flip. This game gives you the option to risk either half or all of your winnings, and you may do so an unlimited number of times.

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